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Our computer disposal and collection service is free of charge. (Subject to distance)

We will take everything computer related for recycling including cables / peripherals.

All your hard drives, and any other data/media will be shredded completely

All other data bearing devices will be wiped to DoD 5220.22-M standard

Asset tracking and serial number

 documentation from start to finish

Full Waste Documentation and Certificates of Data Destruction provided for each collection.

I.T Disposal and collection service


E-waste is a big problem in todays society

Recycling and repurposing electronics to keep them out of landfill does a great service to our planet



We will collect your I.T equipment in one of our un badged vehicles for added security,

and transport them safely to our workshop.

once there our team will asset check them   and then start the decommissioning process


Secure and complete data

 destruction of the following

  •       Hard disk drives

  •       Solid state drives

  •       Backup drives

  •       Usb drives

  •       Phones and Tablets 

Dvd Media and any other disks will be shredded

End product

Drive destruction, GDPR and waste carrier certificates

are issued to customer

Any equipment good enough to serve again is cleaned and

fitted with new Hard disk drives tested and re-used

Any old equipment (to old for business) is tested and given to charities to re-sell.

All other equipment is stripped and sorted into components and recycled none of it goes to landfill

PC Parts 0161 476 1199



On site Drive destrucion if needed

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

PC Parts

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